How to get links if you do not care about conventions

You already know all about the links: tried and outdated working methods, including its fullest creativity and apply the best strategy for link building. And many of your competitors do not bother with this nonsense. They are old-fashioned and buy backlinks currently sitting in the top. You, too, because you want to? Do not rush, there is a better option. You can get links is absolutely free and with almost no effort. Of course, the methods described are methods of black SEO, and some are against the law, so you’ll use them on their own responsibility. But they must work so noteworthy.

Write for links

Says well-known character, everyone lies. Your competitors also lie, believe me. Why are there competitors, we sometimes even time. Therefore, you do not hesitate: fantasize, invent, hang noodles on the ears. For all the links, you can:

Tell the owners of websites and blogs that are working for someone cool and want to publish a guest post. In publishing, you can put two links: one to the site of the very steep, for example, “TCS Bank” or Richard Branson, and the second on his own website.

Contact community organizations that deal with children with mental retardation. Tell me what your younger brother as a child had mental retardation, but thanks to the work of rehabilitation and teachers deal with the problem and is working on a management position in a large company. And since you spend 5% of revenue to support rehabilitation programs. Do not forget to ask for a reference.

Contact bloggers and tell me that one of your employees suffer from serious illness and needs expensive treatment. The money you have already raised almost remained slightly. To complete the collection, you need to publish a couple of guest posts. By the way, they will write himself suffering from illness employee.

Write bloggers what they use your images. Grozny need to remove your content. Say that go to court. And then let me leave if they put a link in return.

Annoy competitors: contact the owners of sites linking to competing resources. Tell that link gives away Google. Tell that to escape from the “Penguin” is possible, but it does remove the links or close them attribute nofollow. From the article about the tool deflection links you’ll learn how to find backlinks to any website.

Come up with some unrealistic cool case. Find graphics from Google Analytics, where traffic is growing exponentially. In response to a request to show the client’s site say that have signed a confidentiality agreement.

Promise a month to play the way the prize is among the most attentive readers of your blog. For example, the latest model of lure people “iPhone” or a trip to Rio. What to do in a month? Well, you think of something.

Cheated, so do all

Do you think sites get into the top issue in an honest way? This children’s fairy tales. To take the first place, you need someone to oust him. This can be done by force or guile.

Buy and hosting some great domain and give them to friends and acquaintances. Save yourself FTP-access. When friends make great sites, you quietly put a link to your resource.

Make the development of several free templates for WordPress. Ask the designer to put a link to your site. Distribute templates for everyone.

Sell ​​links. If you do not abuse it, the search engines you will not be punished. Besides, in a few months, you can close the attribute links nofollow. Buyers at the time will forget about you.

Buy links if you are promoting client sites. Even if that does not help, you can make money on commissions and kickbacks.

Create a site in the name of any authority, which usually do not refuse anybody. For example, make a blog to help the taxpayer. Ask webmasters to refer to this blog post. Hint, it would be better for them. A few months later, configure the 301 redirect to your site.

Put a few dozen links from HS to the site from which you want to get backlinks. Contact the owner and promise to remove garbage links, if he will refer to you.

Invite friends blog owners to switch to a new free hosting. If you paid for the services hosting provider, you have FTP-access. You know what to do next.

Steal, it is romantic

Leonova character of the famous film says, “He stole, drank, in jail!” Marketers and website owners – it is also luck gentlemen.

Find some useful tool or widget. Replace a link to the developer’s site backlinks to your site. Post your code, or distribution, and tell the world about it.

Download a few dozen others free themes for WordPress. Change links and publish post “eye-popping 30 free themes.”

Recommend familiar services purchase links. Free calls to manage a campaign to recruit reference weight. Links to buy himself by friends.

Make your site to redirect to some popular infographic. Promote and encourage the content and download the census. Ask the audience to link to your site as if you created the infographic. After a couple of weeks to remove the redirect.

Unnoticed hack a couple of blogs, place links to your site and enjoy the result.

Not well, but

Do not ruin the health of the links, right? Sweating with useful content and natural links to wait – it is dangerous. Imagine what a load on the eyes, spine and even the brain. Although, God bless them with brains. All normal webmaster and work: buying links, comment spam, lie, cheat and even steal. You’re a normal person, you want the top, you want to be like everyone else, right? And if you work honestly, you will not know that. And you need it?